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┌ 圆孔非再润滑农机轴承Round bore non-relubricable ├ 圆孔再滑农机轴承Round bore relubricable ├ 四方孔非再润滑农机轴承Square bore non- relubricable ├ 四方孔再润滑农机轴承Square bore relubricable ├ 六方孔农机轴承Hex bore series type ├ 200KRR系列农机轴承200KRR series type └ 特种非标农机轴承5203KYY2、AN212132、DAC1640442RSP、 5206KPP3、204FREN、204RY2、204JY3、838607A、AA21480、204PY3、DG1645ARSL、AA205DD、205GP、205DDS、AG1235B、205VVH、205RVA、AA59196、SMA59196、 P59196B、5204KP2、207KPPR28、AA34616Farm radial specials

┌ 单列支撑滚轮轴承LR系列Track rollers-LR series -Single groove ├ 双列支撑滚轮轴承LR系列Track rollers-LR series -Double groove ├ 双列导轨导向滚轮轴承LFR系列Track rollers-LFR series -Single groove └ 双列导轨导向滚轮轴承LV(RV)、W(RM)、SD系列Track rollers- LV(RV)、W(RM)、SDseries -Double groove
Maximum Capacity ball bearings (with slot type)
Maximum Capacinty double row contact ball bearings(with slot type)
Double row angular contact ball bearings
Double row deep groove ball bearings
Double row angular contact ball bearings(DAC type)
双列角接触球轴承(32DA/33DA--双内圈系列) Double row angular contact ball bearings(32DA/33DA type)
Air conditioning compresser bearings
Water pumb bearings
三点、四点角接触球轴承 Three/Four point angular ball bearings
满球轴承及各种非标特种轴承) Full complement ball bearing/Special bearings
车件、磨件系列 Turned bearing rings /shaft & bushing






     年产量400多万套,品种多,规格全。广泛用于农业机械、建筑机械、纺机、电动工具、 叉车、汽车、摩托车、变速箱、水泵、电机等制造行业。

    公司拥有先进的生产设备和检测仪器。2009 年企业通过了 ISO9002 质量体系认证。依据卓越的新产品设计开发能力、精湛的工艺、独特的 现场管理模式、成熟的企业管理体系和完善的售后服务,公司产品以其优异的品质、优惠的价格而畅销五大洲 。 同济人将一如既往地秉承用专一的心做专业的事,以交期、质量、信誉、服务为宗旨,以满足用户的最大需求为神圣目标,与国内外客商真诚合作,成为你事业成功的可靠伙伴。

    Zhejiang Xinchang Tongji Bearing Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specialized in bearin -g manufacture and sales.

     The company is located in Xinchang –a new famous tourist town with the reputation of"Home of Bearing in China" because of its beautiful scenery and de -veloped manufacturing.

    The company’s leading products include ①Agricultural bearings(Round bore series/Sq -uare bore series/HEX bore series/Special non-standard series)②Roller bearings(LR/LFR/LV /W-RM/SD etc. series)③Full complement ball bearings④Double row angular contact ball bearings⑤Maximum capacity ball bearings(Single row Deep groove ball bearings—with fu -lling slot type/ Double row angular contact ball bearings-- with fulling slot type). With various varieties and full specifications, the company can produce more than 4 mil -lion sets which are widely applied in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, thre -ad spinner, electric tool, forklift, automobile, motorcycle, gearbox, water pump, electrical machine and other manufacturing industries.

     The company has advanced production equipment and detecting instrument. The enter -prise passed the certificate of ISO9002 quality system in 2009.Based on excellent new pro -duct design and development, masterly technology, unique field management pattern, m -ature enterprise management system and perfect after-sale service, and with outstanding quality and favorable price, the products of the company are sold well in five continents. Tongji people will concentrate on being professional as always; with delivery time, quality, reputation and service as mission, and with satisfying the maximum demand of users as sa -cred objective, our company sincerely cooperates with foreign businessmen at home and abroad; and we can become your reliable partner for successful business.


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